Advance Profits

Business Interruption cover for financial losses resulting from a delay in starting a new business or activity due to damage to the new works.

Business Interruption

Indemnity against loss of revenue and/or additional expenses incurred by the company arising from an Interruption to your trading activities following an insurable material damage incident.


Cover for loss or damage to computer equipment including costs incurred in the reinstatement and subsequent interruption losses.

Contract Works

Covers loss or damage to property during the course of erection or forming part of a contract. Policies can be specific per contract or arranged on an annual basis.

Credit Risks

Protection against unforeseen customer bad debts.

Cyber Liability

Cover for loss or damage to e-mail, internet and IT networks arising from viruses, hackers, fraud and misuse of information.

Directors and Officers Liability

Legal liability for damages in respect of wrongful acts committed by individual directors or officers of the company.


Cover for financial loss, property damage and/or injury resulting from a products failure to perform to its specification.


A specific form of pollution insurance covering third party injury, property damage and preventive clean-up costs as well as own premises without the requirement for “sudden and accidental” release of pollutants.

Employers Liability

Indemnity against legal liability for death or injury to employees sustained during the course of their employ.

Employment Practices Liability

Entity cover for defence costs & awards arising out of employment related disputes including unfair dismissal, sexual or racial discrimination, harassment and equal pay disputes.

Engineering Breakdown

Covers breakdown to own plant whilst running causing a sudden stoppage which necessitates repair before resuming work along with the subsequent loss of revenue incurred.

Engineering Inspection

Statutory inspection for items of plant owned and/or utilised by the company.

Fidelity Guarantee

Losses arising from criminal, dishonest or fraudulent acts by employees in the workplace.

Financial Loss

Legal Liability for financial loss not resultant of physical injury or damage.

Goods in Transit

Loss or damage to goods during transit by road, rail or other similar means of transport.

Group Personal Accident

Provides lump sum benefits to the company following bodily injury resulting in death or disability to employees. Cover can be extended worldwide and operate 24 hours a day.

Group Travel

Cover for medical expenses, personal liability, loss of money/property, travel disruption, delay and cancellation of employees whilst on business trips outside the UK.

Intellectual Property

Cover for the exclusive rights over the use of copyright trademarks, designs, confidentiality agreements and patents.

JCT 6.5.1 Cover

Non-negligent damage to third party surrounding property during the undertaking of a contract as required by Standard Form of Building Contract.

Latent Defects

A long term non-cancellable policy for building owners indemnifying against the loss of remedying the defect.

Machinery Movement

Covers loss or damage to machinery in the course of installation, dismantling, erection, and/or movement.

Marine Cargo

Covers loss or damage to goods imported or exported to/from UK to the rest of the world.

Material Damage

Cover for loss or damage to the material assets of the company, including buildings, stock and contents.


Covers loss of money held on premises during and outside of trading hours including whilst in transit and in employees dwellings.

Motor Fleet

Road Traffic Act cover for motor vehicles utilised on the public highway. Cover can be extended to include damage to own vehicles.

Pension Trustee

Cover for personal and professional liabilities from allegation of administrative error, improper advice, conflicts of interest and imprudent investment.

Performance Bonds

A surety bond issued in order to guarantee satisfactory completion of a project by a contractor and that the value of the work will not be lost in case of an unfortunate event, for example insolvency of the contractor.

Plant All Risks

Cover for loss or damage to own/or hired plant equipment anywhere in the UK.


Indemnity against third party injury or property damage and clean-up costs following “sudden and accidental” pollution.

Products Liability

Indemnity against legal liability for damage or injury to third parties and third party property arising out of products sold, manufactured or supplied by the company.

Products Recall

Costs incurred to recall products supplied which are discovered to have accidental dangerous fault(s) necessitating withdrawal from the market.

Professional Indemnity

Indemnity against legal liability incurred following professional negligent acts or omissions of the company.

Public Liability

Indemnity against legal liability for damage or injury to third parties and/or third party property arising out of the course of the company’s trading activities.